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A bridge is a structure constructed to encompass physical obstacles without closing the way underneath, such as body of water, valleys, or roads, to provide obstacles, usually something that could detrimental to cross otherwise. There are many different projects that fulfill a specific goal and are associated with different situations. Bridge models vary depending on the function of the bridge, the nature of the place where the bridge, the material used for its manufacture, and the funds available to build it.

Before humans, ants make bridges, using their own bodies to allow others to cross.

Bridges can be classified in several ways. General categories include the type of components used, by what they carry, whether they are fixed or movable, and by the materials used.


Bridges can be classified according by how the forces of tension, compression, bending, twisting, and shear forces are distributed across their structure. Most bridges will use some of the main forces, but only some of them will predominate. The separation of forces can be quite clear. In a suspension or cable-stayed span, tension elements vary in shape and location.

Most bridges are fixed bridges, meaning that they have no moving parts and remain in one place until they fail or are demolished. Temporary bridges, such as the Bailey Bridge, are designed for assembly, separation, transport to another facility, and reuse. They are important in military technology, and are also used to transport vehicles when rebuilding the old bridge. Movable bridges are designed to dislodge boats or other types of traffic that would otherwise be too high to fit. These are generally electrically powered.

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