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The budget is the amount of money allocated for a specific purpose and a summary of the estimated costs and proposals for their implementation. It can include a budget surplus, the provision of funds for future use, or a deficit when spending exceeds income. A budget (derived from the old French word for the meaning purse) is a quantitative financial plan for the upcoming reporting period.

Budget is an essential concept in microeconomics where the budget line is used to illustrate trade-offs between two or more goods. In other words, the budget is the plan of the organization, expressed in monetary terms.

Thus, the purpose of budgeting tools:

Provide an estimate of income and expenses. It does this by building a model of how a business can financially operate while implementing specific strategies, events and plans.

Enable the actual financial transaction of the business that you want to compare to the forecast.


Set a cost limit for a project, program, or operation. A company’s budget is often drawn up annually, but it may not be a total budget, which usually requires a lot of effort; it is a short term plan, usually allowing hundreds or even thousands of people in different departments (operations, human resources, IT, etc.) to include the expected income and expenses in the final budget.

If the actual figures presented during the budget period are close to the budget, it means that the managers understand their business and successfully manage it in the intended direction. On the other hand, if the numbers are very different from the budget, it gives a signal ‘out of control’, and the share price may suffer. Campaign organizers have two types of costs: the first is the cost of the human resources needed to plan and run the campaign. The second type of cost associated with campaign planning is the high cost of the campaign itself.

A personal budget or home budget is a financial plan that allocates future personal income to spending, saving, and paying off debt. When forming a personal budget, past expenses and personal debt are taken into account. There are several methods and tools for creating, using and adjusting your individual budget. For example, jobs are the sources of income, and bills and rent are expenses.

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