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This is something brought up every so often, why Cadillac will take so many colors in their logos? In order to move away from the historical record, we first say that it is nice to see a bit of color in the world icon, complete with silver chrome logos plastered everywhere they fit on an automobile.

First, the colors in the badge comes from Le Sieur Antoine De La Mothe Cadillac, founder of Detroit in 1701 therefore reflects the emblem found in the original color Cadillac coat of arms. Perhaps you remember the iconic Cadillac emblems ducks found a long time ago that was lost many years ago, as a sign of evolved and modernized. These birds were actually being merlettes, symbol of chivalry part in the Crusades. The most contrasting splash of red hair comes from Cadillac a symbol of bravery and courage during the Crusades as well.


More recently, the Cadillac badge lost their laurel leaves, which are used to bypass the ridge in an attempt to further modernization of the logo as a brand is moving forward with an ambitious implementation plan.

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