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A cage is a mesh, bar, or wire enclosure used to restrict, contain, or protect something or someone. A cage can be used for a variety of purposes, including containing an animal or person, catching an animal or person, and displaying an animal at a zoo.

Because a cage is often used to house live beings, at least portion of its structure must allow for the passage of light and air. As a result, some cages may include bars that are too close together for the intended captive to pass between them, or windows that are concealed in some way.

Cages are commonly used to confine animals, and some are custom-made for a specific species. Birds, rodents, reptiles, and even bigger animals of specific types are occasionally kept as pets in cages.

Since prehistoric times, animal cages have been a component of human society. For example, a kid holds an apparently domesticated rabbit on his lap on an Ancient Greek vase dated 490 B.C., with a cage with an open entrance in the backdrop. The biblical Book of Jeremiah compares a tribe to “cages full of birds,” while the Book of Ezekiel portrays a lion being captured and “drawn into a cage and delivered before the king of Babylon.”

Depending on the species, whether for transit or breeding, the various rules governing the keeping of animals in captivity often provide for the size of cages or minimum equipment. Swiss law, for example, specifies minimum absolute interior dimensions for pet cages, however the Swiss Animal Protection Organization (PSA) claims that, while these dimensions are legal, they are insufficient to meet the needs of animals. To ensure the inhabitants’ well-being, it is consequently required to offer a significantly higher crucial space in practice.

Animal rights organizations have long advocated for better cage transit conditions and battery cage bans, particularly for egg-laying hens. Consumer behavior has an impact on breeding circumstances, and European regulation is continually changing.

Cages can also be used to catch animals. Poaching is prohibited, therefore this is a widespread and illegal use of the cage. These cages are used to catch an animal or confine it for a set amount of time. President Theodore Roosevelt utilized a cage to trap a bear since the cage is designed to catch huge animals.

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