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Camels have played an important role in the lives of many people, at least four thousand years, and this is mainly because that the camels a great opportunity to live in places where other large animals never survive. Camel’s body seems odd to us with a long curved neck, thin legs, small ears, huge feet, long nose, which puts the “snobbish” expression on their face, and, of course, the bulge on its back. However, the strange looking body of camel is ideal for life in hot and sandy desert. Nature has endowed the camel with the tactics to survive in difficult and harsh conditions of the desert.


The desert wind often blows sand into the air. In order to protect camels have long eye lashes, which capture most of the sand. As the wiper of the car, camel has extra eyelid moves from side to side and move the sand away. The eyelid is very thin, so that a camel can see through it. The sandstorms, camels are often close their eyes more and keep going. Huge camels feet help them to walk on the sand without sinking into it.

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