Can You Remove Background in PhotoScape?

PhotoScape is a free image editing program that lets you improve and cure photo flaws. PhotoScape is a free alternative to Adobe PhotoShop that lets you add special effects to your photos, modify image brightness, add logos and phrases, and erase moles and red eye.

There is no toolbar option in PhotoScape to make image backgrounds transparent. You may, however, utilize other software functions to make your image backdrop disappear with a little imagination.Can You Remove Background in PhotoScape

1st Step

On your PC, launch the PhotoScape software tool. At the top of the PhotoScape window, click the “Editor” tab. All of the photos on your computer’s hard drive are shown.

2nd Step

Make a transparent background for the image by left-clicking it. This brings the image into the PhotoScape window for editing.

3rd Step

Underneath the photo, select the “Tools” option.

4th Step

Select “Paint Brush” from the drop-down menu. Different tip sizes for your brush display above the Paint Brush choice. Pick the smallest point (far left).

5th Step

To select a color for your paint brush, click the color block. Choose “White.” If you’re going to utilize the image on a website, pick a color that matches the backdrop of your site. Choose black from the color block, for example, if your Web page is black. Your image will seem transparent on your Web page as a result of this.

6th Step

Drag the contour of the thing you wish to preserve in your photo using your mouse. Slow mouse movements will create a crisp outline. When you’re done, outline the entire image in the foreground. If you make a mistake, you may undo it by pressing the “Undo” button.

7th Step

Choose the broadest paintbrush tip (far right). Drag the paint brush tip across the picture’s backdrop with your mouse. You are painting over the image backdrop as you drag your cursor over it. This operation is similar to an eraser effect, in that it removes the backdrop. When you’re done, the only component of the image you want to keep is the foreground image.

8th step

To save your altered image, click the “Save” button. To avoid overwriting your original picture file, save the image under a new file name.

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