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What Exactly Does The Cancel Button Do?

It dismisses the current user screen and returns it to the previous screen. The cancel button is a precaution to safeguard to prevent unwanted changes to the system. But when it looks like a call to action, it’s hard to recognize.

The Cancel button should signify a fallback to safety, not a call to action. In other words, your Cancel button should never have a color.

“Cancel Button” Has Many Names

Not all Cancel buttons are marked “Cancel” label, but function the same as one. For example, the cancel button may have the label “Not Now,” “No thanks,” “Maybe later,” or “Skip,” depending on the context. If a button has a dismissive behavior, treat it as a cancel button because it performs the same function.


The more buttons on the screen, the more necessary an exit is. When all buttons have a color, the escape isn’t clear. But when the cancel button is neutral, it makes the choice of the button more intuitive.

Cancel Key

The Esc key on the computer keyboard can also be used to cancel the loading in programs. For example, if a webpage is hard time loading, you can press the Esc key to cancel the loading process.

Should The Cancel Button Be Left Or Right?

Cancel is always located to the right of OK button on the Windows platform. The Apple MacOS Guidelines says that “the button that triggers the action is farthest to the right. The Cancel button is to the left of this button. “Therefore, for MacOS users, Cancel is to the left of ‘OK’ button.

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