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Candles are used today to generate warmth and fire, scent and ambiance in our homes. There was a time long ago when the spark needed to light up the darkness. The first mention of candles in the Bible before 10th century BCE. Clay candle holders were found in Egypt date back to 400 BC.. Then candles were made from sticking wicks in containers filled with flammable materials.

It also noted that the ancient Egyptians used rushlights or torches, made by soaking the base of the reeds in molten tallow. This type of candle was comes with no wick. It was the Romans who credited with developing the first wick candles.


Egyptian and Roman collected tallow from cattle or sheep suet as their main ingredient in candles.

It is said that the Romans used candles during Saturnalia festival. During the festival, the high wax offered were offered to Saturn (the angel of God).

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