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Captain Hook was the pirate captain of Jolly Roger, the lord of the pirate village and harbor in Neverland where he is greatly feared. He is remembered by the hook which replaced a hand. Do you know how Captain Hook got his famous iron hook hand? The story is that Peter Pan cut the Hook’s hand off and fed it to the crocodile. The crocodile liked the taste of the hands so much that he followed Captain Hook around, hoping to get more delicious meat. Fortunately for Hook, he could always know when the crocodile was nearby because of the sound of a ticking clock that the crocodile had swallowed.

In the novel, Hook captures Wendy and challenges Peter Pan to a duel. Peter beats the hook and throws it into the crocodile while waiting for it. Thus ended the evil reign of Hook – or did it? Even though he was so wicked, the readers of the novel liked him so much as a character that Barrie brought him back in subsequent sequels.

To be the villainous Captain Hook, you have to look and act like him. In JM Barrie’s novel “Peter and Wendy”, he describes the hook as having blue eyes and long black, frizzy hair seen from a distance like black candles. He looked somewhat handsome and elegant, and wore a large feathered hat, a red, black or blue coat and knee-length pants.

If you want to be an villainous pirate like Captain Hook, you have to watch and play his part. For a real look with hooks, you should wear a coat or long coat, pants or pants closed with boots, tucked into boots. Don’t forget to add the required hook hand. Also, if you want to go to the whole hog, add a long black wig. To act the part then you need to swagger around with your hook and sword speaking with an English accent. In fact, J. M. Barrie implied that Hook went to Eton, a famous private school in England, for privileged children. Unlike most poor and uneducated pirates, Hook would have been eloquent and well-spoken.

There are very nice outfits for children and adults.

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