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Although no car accident seems familiar when you are involved, some car accidents happen more often than others. Below is a list of the most common car accidents and a brief explanation of how they can happen.

Rear-end collisions: They are more likely to occur when a car is stopped. This may be due to a traffic light or a stop sign. If the next vehicle does not stop in a timely manner, they collide with the rear of the stopped car.

Faced with collisions: This type of accident most often occurs when the two vehicles are moving in opposite directions. Sometimes a driver withdraws to pass a car and does not see an oncoming vehicle. The two cars meet face-to-face, generally causing damage to the engines and sometimes to the cars’ drivers or passengers.

Accidents involving a pedestrian: Typically, if a pedestrian is involved in a car accident, it is crossing a street or a road. The person crossing cannot see the vehicle, and the driver may not see the pedestrian. Unfortunately, this happens most often with young children and the elderly who cannot react quickly enough to avoid being hit.

Collisions involving multiple vehicles: Accidents like this usually happen on busy roads, often due to poor weather conditions, which make it difficult to control the vehicles involved. However, they could occur on any busy street with a higher speed limit. When cars drive faster, it takes longer to slow down or stop, which makes it more difficult to avoid an accident.

Collisions caused by a blind spot in the rearview mirror: These accidents often occur when a vehicle reverses from a parking space, or perhaps when it reverses in a parking space. However, it is possible for an accident to occur when a car changes lanes if it has a blind spot and does not notice that another vehicle is arriving behind it.

Collisions caused by drug or alcohol use: Although there are fewer accidents involving drunk drivers, they still occur daily. Accidents involving drunk drivers can happen anytime, anywhere.

Collisions caused by driver distraction: distracted road accidents are prevalent, especially since the advent of cell phones, iPad, and other communication devices that can be used in cars. In the past, it was most often the passengers in the car who distracted the driver. This is no longer the case.

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