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Surprisingly, the modern automobile did not originate in America, where we consider automobiles to be commonplace, but rather in Germany. The first functional automobile, created by German inventor Gottlieb Daimler and named after his daughter Mercedes, is usually acknowledged to have debuted in 1884. Karl Benz, another German, created his own, somewhat comparable design of the automobile at about the same period.

The development of the vehicle, however, quickly spread to other nations, notably the United States, and by the 1930s, the Germans were looking to American road networks in order to build the renowned Autobahn expressway.

If you look around many American towns and suburbs, you’ll see why the vehicle has become practically synonymous with contemporary American life. Office complexes, neighborhoods, and commercial centers are all constructed with automobiles in mind. Even the overall American environment was altered when the vehicle became a common consumer good. Cities developed into suburbs, metropolitan areas enlarged, and Americans were able to commute farther thanks to the development of personal transportation. Big signs on the side of the road would be useless without cars, and fast food probably wouldn’t even be a concept.


We depend on vehicles more than ever today. To give you a sense of how significant vehicles are in America, one-third of the area in the notoriously congested metropolis of Los Angeles, California, is paved for automobile movement. Even though the vehicle is a relatively new phenomena that has only been around for a little over a century, it has had a significant influence on American society.

Cars became the most popular mode of transportation in the US because they were more convenient, dependable, and affordable than other modes.

The assembly line method created by Henry Ford, which made vehicles more accessible, fuelled the growth of automobiles. Along with being more user-friendly than other modes of transportation like horse-drawn carriages, they also gained popularity.

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