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What are the similarities between printing and diamonds? What they have in common is that both contain carbon, that is, they are made of carbon. Carbon is an element and is included in group 14 of the periodic table.

The most common use of carbon includes the fact that it is a decorative piece of jewelry. It is also used as an ink in the printing industry. Car rims also require carbon as the black fume pigment. Carbon is a bleaching agent and a gas absorber. Carbon is found in compounds such as carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide is used in objects such as carbonated drinks, fire extinguishers, and dry ice, such as carbon solidification.

Carbon is also important when combined with oxygen to form carbon monoxide since carbon is used as a reducing agent to obtain other elements and compounds that can be used in many other processes. Freon belonging to group 18, which is a group of rare gases, also contains carbon and is used for cooling equipment. Carbon is inherently very resistant, so it is used to cut metal and is heat resistant.


Allotropes are carbon molecules that are made of carbon but have different structures. Graphite is one of the allotropes of carbon that exists naturally in nature. Graphite can be used as a lubricant and as a pencil lead. Another carbon allotropic is diamond. Diamonds are solid and durable, making them ideal for oil excavating and used by dentists. Apart from that, diamonds are undoubtedly beautiful and precious because the production of diamonds is a long and challenging process.

The origin of the discovery of carbon goes back to history. Carbon was initially known as charcoal and hundreds of years ago. As early as 2500BCE, carbon was used in China in the form of coal, and today it was produced in Roman times. Rene Antoine Ferchault de Reaumur, a French scientist Reaumur, discovered that carbon was an essential element in the conversion of iron to iron by absorption. Antoine Lavoisier has found elsewhere similarities between carbon and his diamonds. Lavoisier cited carbon as an element of the manual in 1789. Carl W. Scheele proved that graphite is, in fact, pure carbon. In 1985, another assignment was discovered by Nobel Prize winners Curl, Kroto, and Smalley, and was named fullerene.

These are all people who discovered carbon. It’s good when carbon was discovered. As you can see, its use is very diverse and very important to all of us.

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