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Cardamom is selected queen of spices for royals. In India it is popularly known as “Elaichi”. Cardamoms satisfy the four main purposes i.e. food, drink, medicines & perfumes through taste, flavor, cure & fragrance respectively. It is widely used as a herbal spice and is added in various sweet dishes to provide a strong aroma & flavor. In Ayurveda it is considered to be a very useful & effective medicine.

Benefits of Cardamom

Cardamom plays a vital role to cure various diseases. It mainly improves the digestive system. It is very beneficial in relieving heartburn, bloating & indigestion. Cardamom is also beneficial for preventing stomach infections as well as improving appetite & metabolism.

Basically Cardamom has warming effects, which can heat up the body, as helps in eliminating cough. A cup of hot cardamom tea relieves headaches which are caused by extreme cold.
In general it is known to be a good cure for weakness also. You can also use cardamom as mouth freshener to prevent bad breath. It can be very useful in cleansing the body & it improves blood circulation to the lungs too.


Regular use of cardamom is good for kidneys, as this is a good treatment of urinary infections, which removes accumulated calcium & urea in the kidneys, along with other toxins.

To get proteins & vital vitamins like niacin, riboflavin, vitamin A, B and C, Indian cardamom is highly preferable. It is also an excellent source of minerals. These finest & pure cardamom seeds are the basis of medicinal preparations for indigestion & flatulence relieving gas. It also helps to improve the process of metabolism in our stomach.

During the infective stage of influenza, gargling with a blend of cardamom & cinnamon effectively cures a sore throat & huskiness. Many herb doctors even suggest that by applying Cardamom with little honey improves eyesight.

To enhance traditions & to enrich their culture many civilizations have adapted its properties since long time. The Moroccans prefer it in their sweet drinks & Egyptian’s like its fragrance as a mouth freshener.

Akbar’s emperor cardamoms are carefully handpicked only from chosen plantations to ensure that they are the premium quality cardamom which are worthy of an emperor. Selected from the very best of cardamoms, they are packed fresh in specially designed pouches, so that you can carry it easily. Each pack comes with a promise that the fragrance of these cardamom is preserved for you.

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