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Cats are naturally mischievous animals and a lot of exciting things. If you have a cat, you’ll have a cuddle buddy, who most of the time will annoy you throughout the day. Their playful personality makes them even more charming than the other pets. They have this insidious side, where they will just jump right in front of you out of nowhere and scream their lungs by surprise. But you still love them. Do you think they are just so irresistible.

They are incredibly fluffy – You may even wonder why you like the cat. Whenever they sit on your lap, you never want to move an inch, so they do not wake up. Just like your body to tweak and play with them, they have some soft skin.

They are strange, but I think it’s cute – Cats tend to be very picky sometimes. They hate bathing water, but like getting wet in the sink. They even tried to talk to you, just meowing, and we will respond back saying meow too. In addition, they are certainly clever.


Cats nicknames – They are very cute animal and cat owners don’t just call them “my cat”. They really treat their pets like their own children, and even name their cats.

You want to take all the stray cat that you see on the street – Do you have a bunch of cats at home, but still want more. You may even want to build a shelter for homeless cats, because you know, you can not take in your home with you. But then, when you return home, you will find that they have to the rescue shelter instead.

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