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“CRIME SCENE. DO NOT CROSS.” or “RISK OF ELECTROCUTION!” Familiar? Whether it’s movies or reality, we all come across one statement or another. Usually used in black-yellow or red-white caution tape or barricade tape to control access to hazardous or dangerous areas or when people need to be isolated from the evidence collection area.

It acts as a small barrier to preventing accidental entry into that area or situation and as a result, increases overall safety. Barricade tape is also known as construction tape or barrier tape, or in terms of safety hazards, including a protective strip, warning strip, danger strip or hazard tape. When used by the police force, the tape is called a police tape.

It has always been said that prevention is better than protection, and that’s good. It is usually used in areas where risky repair work is on-going, or the risk of danger is very high, warning messages are written on it. Often there are police forces around such areas. However, its use does not always affect negative phenomena, since it is also used around the perimeter of a concert or even public demonstrations of isolation.


The barricade tape is used in accordance with the color specifications established by OSHA and ANSI. The barricade tape can be primarily used as a precaution for various industries and procedures.

The barricade tape often has a bright background and pre-printed bold warning text.

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