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The interim certificate acts as a certificate confirming that the degree has not yet been issued. This certificate helps in applying for higher education or employment as qualifications are essential. This is proof that a person graduated from that particular university. In a provisional degree, details such as the name of the student, the title of the course he/she graduated from, the division received at the time of his/her graduation, etc. are indicated.

When it comes time to move on to the next stage of life, a temporary degree helps you. It is helpful for both you and the college / university administration to keep track of students who have successfully completed their education at their institution. This is temporary in nature. It mentions the name of the candidate as well as the name of the course he / she graduated from. This will help you to receive an offer letter from the company you want to work for. There is usually an expiration date before the actual degree is paid.


Temporary certificates of education or temporary certificates are documents that are paid to students who have just graduated from university or college. A provisional degree or certification is a transitional document that helps identify a person by his / her qualifications. Although it is usually invalid, it will expire on the day the university issues the original certificate. Until then, the certificate can be used for employment, and upon request for documents, a temporary certificate of education can be issued.

However, the student should make sure that he / she is getting the original degree, because after a while the universities start to expect the original certificate to be delivered. However, even if you present this certificate, it guarantees that you have completed a college degree. While certifications are essential, more attention needs to be paid to the quality of education. Documents only add value to validate existing skills.

When applying for higher education or looking for work, temporary certificates of education are essential. While paperwork is verified after you have passed the interview, the HR department will request your certifications to ensure that the candidate meets the criteria set out during the interview process. However, in many cases it may happen that you do not have your last diploma with you. Before issuing a final degree, universities issue temporary degree certificates so that students can apply for jobs or to universities. This is useful for checking a background of the person.

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