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In traditional Japanese houses, chabudai is a short-legged table. The original chabudai was just 15 cm tall and could reach a maximum height of 30 cm. Instead of chairs, those seated at a chabudai may sit on zabuton or tatami. The four legs of a chabudai are usually foldable, allowing the table to be conveniently transported and stored.

Chabudai can be utilized as study tables, labor benches, or supper tables, among other things. The chabudai is frequently replaced in the winter by a kotatsu, a form of short-legged table with a detachable top and a heater below.


The Japanese term chabudai gaeshi means “to flip chabudai.” It depicts upsetting a chabudai aggressively as a sign of rage, impatience, and displeasure. Chabudai gaeshi can also be used to depict a similar explosion and turmoil metaphorically.
Shigeru Miyamoto, a video game creator, “upends the tea table” if a game’s development falls short of his expectations or requires serious revision. He described chabudai gaeshi as a “activity of old-fashioned Japanese dads” that, if carried out literally in current Japanese culture, “would ruin the family.”

Cho Chabudai Gaeshi, a Japanese arcade game, is based on the chabudai gaeshi scenario.

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