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Chalk powder is obtained from chalk, which is a white porous soft sedimentary rock – a type of limestone, which consists of a calcite mineral. Gradually accumulate small calcite plates, which form under deep marine conditions. The chalk can contain other materials, such as Chert and flint nodules, which are embedded in it. Other compounds associated with chalk are calcium sulfate and magnesium silicate.

Since the chalk is quite resistant to collapse and erosion can be that formed by high rocks, especially on some beaches where the chalk ridges meet at sea. Chalk is quite porous and, therefore, can absorb and retain a large amount of water, which provides natural ponds that slowly release water during the dry seasons.

Chalk mainly consists of calcium carbonate and a small amount of clay and sodium hydroxide. It is usually under water and often on the seabed, where it is formed by compression during the digenesis in the soft white sedimentary rock that we see today.

Chalk Used in Sports Activities

Powdered chalk is used for many types of applications and can often be used to describe the boundaries of sports arenas such as tennis courts, soccer fields, and running tracks.


Due to its properties, the adsorbing chalks are used in many sports activities, such as rock climbing, weightlifting, weight training, and bowling. Chalk powder is used only by applying into the hands; This action will help absorb any sweat and sweating, as the hands are dry and thereby significantly improve the grip of any equipment or rocks, etc.

Industrial Chalk

Another type of chalk, known as hard chalk, has been very popular in the garment industry for many years and is used for temporary markings on fabrics and clothes that will then be carved along the chalk lines; Today, however, mostly tailors use chalk made from talc.

Toothpaste Chalk

Chalk powder can be found in some toothpaste, and in particular in dental powders. Tooth powders came into use in the 19th century and were mostly homemade using chalk powder, pulverized bricks, and salt as an ingredient.

Blackboard Chalk

The chalk is used in school and college classrooms, it is thin, slender sticks having a diameter of about 35 cm (9 mm in diameter) and a length of 3.15 inches (80 mm). Lessons often presented to the whole classes using a chalk stick, since this method proved to be cheap and simple.

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