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Cheburashka, previously known as Topple in English translations, is a character who appeared in just one book and four short films. In his 1965 children’s novel Krokodil Gena I ego druzia, Soviet writer Eduard Uspensky invented Cheburashka. Cheburashka also appears in Roman Kachanov’s (Soyuzmultfilm studio) stop-motion animated films, the first of which was released in 1969 and included music by Vladimir Shainsky.

Cheburashka is a well-known Russian cartoon character who has since become a prominent figure in Russian humour (along with his friend, Gena the Crocodile). Cheburashka is a “animal unknown to science” with huge monkeylike ears and a physique like that of a cub who lives in a tropical forest, according to the character’s creator, Eduard Uspensky (1965). He gets into a crate of oranges by mistake, eats his fill, and falls asleep. The container is finally transported to a grocery shop in an undisclosed Russian city (perhaps Moscow), where the main tale continues.

When the shop manager opens the container, he discovers the creature inside and brings him out to sit on the table. The creature’s paws are numb from being in the box for so long, and he tumbles down from the table, into the chair, and finally onto the floor (“еуранулc” cheburakhnulsya, a Russian colloquialism meaning “tumbled”). The store manager comes up with the moniker “Cheburashka” as a result of this. In Russian, words with this origin were ancient; Uspensky breathed fresh life into them. (Another term for the roly-poly toy is “cheburashka,” according to Vladimir Dahl’s Explanatory Dictionary of the Live Great Russian language.)


Cheburashka is a guy with the physique of a bear and the size of a 5-year-old child. When he gets disheartened, he is a toddling monster with enormous wide ears on the side of his head that droop. He has no legs, large dark eyes, and a snub nose. His voice is childish and high-pitched. Cheburashka is an optimist who sees the best in others and remains cheerful even in the worst of circumstances. Cheburashka, according to Sergei Kapkov, an animation historian and managing editor of Soyuzmultfilm, “is completely worthless and futile.” He’s like a complete stranger who doesn’t comprehend anything but has one overarching goal: to make friends and have others…become friends with each other.”

Cheburashka is recruited as a window display for a budget store selling factory seconds since he resembles one and lives in a phone booth after being rejected by the zoo as a “animal unknown to science.” He befriends Gena, an anthropomorphic crocodile that wears a hat, a bow tie, and a coat and plays the accordion in the storey. Gena works as a zoo animal in a zoo. “Such a Pity That One’s Birthday Only Happens Once a Year” and “The Blue Train Car,” both of which are highly popular with youngsters, are two of Gena’s best songs.

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