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Whether you are Chinese in ethnicity or want to visit someday, Chinese decorating styles are spread all over the world and are popular everywhere. The complex use of porcelain in the build of Chinese lamps used in Asian-inspired interior decoration is highly regarded in all cultures. In addition to lighting, unique and decorated furniture created from Chinese and Japanese influences, as well as technology to place objects at home, give Asian culture a special place in interior design.

Feng Shui: The Chinese Art of Placement is essential for designing living spaces using Chinese influences. It does not matter if you think furniture positioning affects physical and economic health. However, the general principles help to improve the furniture flow together a little better and to maximize the useful space of the room. The lighting is also strategically placed to illuminate the area properly.

Considering a Chinese lamp, chances are that your mind goes directly to round paper lanterns. This is one of the designs you can find and one of the most popular by far. It’s also one of the most versatile design options because it can be used almost anywhere. Find an empty corner of the house where you can usually put a floor lamp or table with a lamp. Instead of lightning from the ground up, try the opposite. Hang four or five string of Chinese paper lamps and stop just below where the lamp is placed. It does not require more space than a table or a floor lamp, but the room is different.


Chinese lamps do not have to be paper lanterns, and China simply inspires many lamp styles. Large porcelain lamps can fill empty tables, and are beautiful on a China hutch or mantle if you have the room. Many are decorated with writing patterns and Chinese pictures, while others are plain colors common to traditional and ancient Chinese cultures such as jade and red. The lampshades of these types of lamps are usually white or cream in color not to remove the intricate details and vibrant colors influenced by Chinese culture.

These lamps can be very expensive or incredibly cheap, depending on where you are going and what you are looking for. If you can get a similar design in a furniture store or a second-hand, you will not have to spend a lot of money on the incredible Ming Vase lamp. You can pay a premium for designs that no one will notice. Set the most important style priorities for your home and buy it accordingly. A wide variety of shapes, styles and sizes are available. So you can adjust Chinese lamps throughout the house in unique colors and styles.

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