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Crucifix is an important part of the history of the Catholic religion and spirituality. It serves to ensure that those who are looking at the crucifix with a visual reminder of the suffering of Christ on the cross.

In fact, the crucifixion are not just Catholics. Crucifix is a cross, which has a picture of Jesus on the cross. As a result, each image that includes Jesus on the cross, whether carved or painted is a very crucifixion. Nevertheless, the Catholic crucifix, usually developed in a particular style. On the reverse side of the crucifixion, as a rule, a relatively simple structure, is generally defined as “Christian cross” while a more detailed picture of Jesus standing at the top of the cross. Wooden crosses image of Jesus is painted on wood or metal, the image of Jesus usually to be a metal.

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  1. lawrence says:

    I want to known whether Christianity,have symbols give me chapter and verses from Genesis to many symbol did Christian have

  2. lawrence says:

    so should Christian believe in symbols,that is my question 1.Are they occultic symbols

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