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candy cane is a stick candy in the shape of a cane that is commonly linked with Christmas and Saint Nicholas Day. It is traditionally white with red stripes and flavored with peppermint, but they also come in a variety of other flavors and colors.

“Stick candy” is mentioned in a record of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association’s 1837 show, when confections were assessed competitively. In 1844, The Complete Confectioner, Pastry-Cook, and Baker published a recipe for white peppermint candy sticks with colored stripes. The first mention of a “candy cane” appears in Ballou’s Monthly Magazine’s short tale “Tom Luther’s Stockings,” published in 1866. Despite being characterized as “mammoth,” there was no mention of color or flavor. In 1874, the Nursery monthly magazine cites “candy-canes,” while in 1882, Babyland magazine recalls “tall, twisted candy canes” being strung on a Christmas tree.


A popular legendary account about the origins of candy canes is that in 1670, in Cologne, Germany, the choirmaster of Cologne Cathedral requested a local candy manufacturer for some “sugar sticks” for the youngsters who were making a racket in his cathedral during the Living Crèche custom of Christmas Eve. To justify offering sweets to children during worship services, he ordered the candy maker to put a crook to the top of each stick, which would remind them of the shepherds who came to see the newborn Jesus. In addition, he used the white color of the converted sticks to teach children about the Christian belief in the sinless life of Jesus. From Germany, candy canes spread to other parts of Europe, where they were handed out during plays reenacting the Nativity. The candy cane has become synonymous with the Christmas season.

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