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Citroën is a French brand of automobiles owned by Stellantis.

The Traction Avant, introduced in 1934, cemented the company’s reputation for cutting-edge technology. This was the world’s first mass-produced automobile featuring front-wheel drive, four-wheel independent suspension, and unibody construction, which eliminated the need for a separate chassis and instead used the car’s body as the primary load-bearing structure.

They introduced the world’s first hydropneumatic self-leveling suspension system in 1954, followed by the revolutionary DS, the first mass-produced car with modern disc brakes, in 1955, and swiveling headlights in several of their models in 1967; these cars have won numerous national and international awards, including three Europea awards.

During World War I, André Citroen manufactured weaponry for France; but, after the war, he realized that he would end up with a modern plant with no product unless he prepared ahead. Citroen had previously gained automotive knowledge during a successful six-year tenure at Mors between 1908 and the beginning of the war. Citroen decided to convert to vehicle manufacture in 1916, when he requested engineer Louis Dufresne, who had previously worked for Panhard, to develop a technically advanced 18HP automobile for which he could utilize his factory after peace was restored.

Long before then, he had changed his mind and determined, like Henry Ford, that the best postwar auto-making prospects would include a lighter, higher-quality automobile produced in large enough quantities to be reasonably priced.

In February 1917, Citroen approached another engineer, Jules Salomon, who already had a solid name in the French automotive industry as the designer of the Le Zèbre, a little automobile introduced in 1909. André Citroen’s task was both hard and straightforward: create an entirely new design for a 10-horsepower automobile that was better equipped, more sturdy, and less expensive to build than any competing product at the time.

The consequence was that Type A, unveiled to the public in March 1919, barely four months after the guns went quiet. The first production Type A left the factory at the end of May 1919, and in June it was shown at Number 42 on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, where Alda vehicles were typically sold. Citroen convinced Fernand Charron, the owner of the Alda company, to lease him the showroom, which is still in use today. The firm holds exhibitions and displays its vehicles and concept automobiles at this C42 showroom. Charron would be convinced to become a major investor in the Citroen firm a few years later. The first client received a new Citroen 10HP Type A on July 7, 1919.

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