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Some say that clapping is like high-fiving yourself in a positive response to what someone else has done. Clapping is the most common sound that we humans use without our vocal cords. We take it as a social gesture to show approval and admiration in groups, the crowd or in ourselves, and even more in the atmosphere of presenting something like a show or a show. But what is the reason for clapping? Do you know that the average speed of our slaps ranges from 2.5-5 claps per second? The value of clapping is recognized by every culture in the world and is one of the most universal ways of communication. Let’s look at the applause story.

The clapping effect is actually quite primitive, originally used in response to arousal. Studies in Western etiquette have shown that clap of an individual is actually very little associated with its personal opinion about the quality of performance. This has more to do with the feeling of belonging to a group that someone has just experienced. Have you ever heard someone say “just clapping to be polite”? Or when you applaud, because everyone else applauds, even if you are not sure what exactly is happening? Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone!

Compared to vocalizing approval, clapping is easier, stronger, and more anonymous, especially in a crowd. You cannot tell a lot about a person by clapping their hands, for example, whether he is a man or a woman, or where he comes from.

The history of Clapping plays a unique role both in France and in French venues as well. In the 18th century, in France, the claque had a strong presence as an organized group of professional applause and influential persons. It is constantly used in cinemas to influence the audience, as producers often pay workers and play actors on free tickets. The whole thing was quite organized: some claquers had to laugh out loud during comedy episodes, others – tears for a melancholy performance, and even claquers were going to comment on their appreciation of the play or performance for other viewers!

However, today the days of claquers is over, and all that you will find in Paris casinos is bonafide applause. We still find some traces, the remains of claquers are currently limited to television shows and radio programs in the form of applause to tell viewers when they should applaud or even clap their hands and laugh.

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