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clothes dryer, often known as a tumble dryer or just dryer, is a powered home equipment that removes moisture from clothing, bedding, and other textiles after they have been cleaned in a washing machine.

Many dryers have a revolving drum called a “tumbler” that circulates heated air to evaporate moisture as the tumbler rotates to keep air space between the items. Clothing may shrink or become less soft as a result of using these machines. For fragile textiles and other goods that aren’t fit for a tumble dryer, a non-rotating machine called a “drying cabinet” can be utilized.

Many parasites, including house dust mites, bedbugs, and scabies mites and their eggs, are killed by drying at a minimum of 60 °C (140 °F) for thirty minutes; ticks are killed in a little more than ten minutes. Dust mites are killed by simply washing them, and their eggs are killed by exposing them to bright sunshine for three hours.

Combination washer-dryers combine the operations of a washing and a dryer into one unit.

Tumble dryers constantly suck in and heat the air that surrounds them before sending it through the tumbler. To make place for additional air to complete the drying process, the hot, humid air is frequently vented outdoors. Because it is easy and dependable, it is commonly utilized.

Inline vent boxes fitted with Air Shock absorbers to channel moist warm air to indoor regions, as well as other improvised means of salvaging this heat for in-home heating, may enhance humidity within a dwelling. Excess humidity from these devices, while advantageous in dry winter weather, increases the probability of mold, mildew, and bacterial growth within a home.


Indoor venting may also be prohibited by local laws. Because the results of combustion are combined with the wet air, gas dryers, unlike electric dryers, must constantly be vented outdoors. Dryers should normally be vented outside, according to building requirements and manufacturer’s specifications. An indoor lint trap kit raises the same issue of increasing humidity in the home.

In apartments or residences where the vent cannot make a brief direct connection from the dryer to the outdoors, “long run” dryers may feature an extra external exhaust fan to boost the outgoing moist air via longer portions of vent pipe.

Other improvised efficiency measures with traditional dryers, aside from venting exhaust, aim to collect an input supply of pre-heated air rather of using the conditioned air of the living environment. Installing ducting that allows the dryer to pull hot air from a home’s attic is one prominent source of heat for pre-heating dryer air.

Tumble dryers are frequently combined with washing machines in the form of laundry centers and washer-dryer combos, which stack the dryer on top of the washer and combine the controls for both machines in a single control panel, or “washer-dryer combos,” which are essentially a front loading washing machine with an integrated dryer. The capacity of the washer and dryer operations is frequently varied, with the dryer having a lesser capacity than the washer.

Tumble dryers can also be top loading, which means the drum is loaded from the top and the drum ends are on the left and right sides, rather than the traditional front and back. They may be as little as 40 cm wide and come with removable racks for drying goods such as soft toys and footwear.

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