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coffee jar is a receptacle, usually glass or ceramic, filled with coffee beans and kept in the home. Coffee jars may be decorative or used for storing the beans. The jar’s purpose is to protect the beans from an open flame and to keep them fresh.

Coffee Jar is a new device that can make your morning coffee routine easier.

This device is the size of a coffee mug and made of silicon. It has no buttons, no display, and you can’t program it to make your favorite drink. And that’s what makes it so special.


Using the Coffee Jar is really easy. You just fill it with water, put in ground coffee beans or espresso pods, put the lid on and shake for ten seconds before removing the lid and hitting start.

The Coffee Jar will then grind the beans or pods as needed, warm up the water as needed, stir as needed and brew as needed to create a piping hot cup of coffee in ten minutes that tastes like it was made by an expert barista!

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