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If you want to venture into the hairdressing industry and be known, it is not enough to invest in learning the skills necessary to become a professional hair expert. Yes, you will need to invest in certain types of equipment and tools to do your job.

Let’s start with the very basic. The comb is one of the first items you should invest in to start your hairdressing job.

So What is a Comb Anyway?

A comb is a tool that you use to groom the hair. It is made of different materials like wood, metal, acrylic, natural animal horns, organic resins, and more. Styles differ from the teeth (usually their width, length, and strength) that they have for straightening hair.

Each material used is deliberate to perform a specific task and give different results. Each material has its own unique qualities and durability. You have to check which one is best for you.

We will not tackle too much on the different materials used for the combs because they are too numerous to be mentioned at the moment!

We will focus on the most used; today, the three most preferred types of combs in the hairdressing industry.

The three types of combs


1. Wide Tooth Comb

Whether wooden, metal, or plastic, this type of comb is essential if you want to obtain smooth hair after a bath. The main aim of this comb is to carefully untangle the strands of hair without risking breaking and damaging them. You use this type of comb when your hair is wet when it is much more difficult to straighten it with a fine combed tooth or a brush.

TIP: Never use a fine-toothed brush or comb on wet hair.

2. Styling Comb

They come in different shapes, sizes, widths, and diameters. You need to get a complete set to have the right comb that is suitable for a specific hair type. It is much easier to straighten hair with this type of comb while applying the style you want to execute.

3. Teasing Comb

If you are working on a client who wants to have a glamorous hairstyle, one way to get a nice volume for the hair is to use the teasing comb. It is challenging to create a beautiful tease if you are not using the right comb. You could end up creating an unattractive hairball that your client won’t like – that’s for sure!

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