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The CD was actually first used in 1982. Today, nearly a quarter of a century, the disc is still widely used by all sectors of society throughout the world. It is mainly used for storing audio data. Cost-effectiveness is the major reason why it is still used because it is relatively cheap to produce and use the CD-ROM. Now, in addition to an audio data can also store other types of data such as video, documents, programs/applications, etc.


The standard CD have a diameter of 120 mm and can hold up to 80 minutes of audio (700MB of data). There is also a mini-CD, with a diameter of 60 to 80 mm; They are sometimes used for CD-singles or device drivers, storing up to 24 minutes of audio.

While it was first used for the storage of audio data, the technology has evolved to include data storage on CD-ROM, write-once audio and storage of CD-R data re-writable media CD-RW, Super Audio CD (SACD), video CD (VCD), super video CD (SVCD), etc.

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