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Computer speakers, sometimes known as multimedia speakers, are speakers designed to be used with computers but may also be used with other audio devices, such as an MP3 player. Most of these speakers feature an inbuilt amplifier and, as a result, require a power source, which can be a mains power supply, batteries, or a USB port. A 3.5 mm jack plug is commonly used as the signal input connector, however RCA connectors are also occasionally utilized, and a USB port can provide both signal and power. Wireless Bluetooth speakers that are powered by batteries do not require any connections. Most computers have low-power, low-quality speakers built in; when external speakers are attached, the built-in speakers are disabled. In 1990, Altec Lansing claimed to have pioneered the computer speaker industry.


Computer speakers are available in a broad range of quality and price. Small, plastic speakers that are sometimes included with computer systems offer subpar sound quality. Equalization functions such as bass and treble adjustments are available on certain computer speakers. An Aux jack and a suitable converter may be used to connect Bluetooth speakers to a computer.

A subwoofer device can be added to more advanced computer speakers to boost bass output. The amplifiers for the subwoofer as well as the left and right speakers are frequently housed in the bigger subwoofer enclosure.

Some computer monitors include built-in speakers that are quite rudimentary. To save spacelaptop computers include built-in integrated speakers that are generally tiny and of low sound quality.

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