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An electrical connector is an electromechanical device that connects electrical wires to form a circuit. In most electrical connections, the male component, called a plug, attaches to the female or socket. The connection might be detachable (as with portable equipment), need a tool for installation and removal, or act as a permanent electrical connection between two locations. Dissimilar connections can be joined with the help of an adaptor.

Connectors for power, data, and audiovisual applications come in thousands of different combinations.

Conductors and insulators are the two main types of materials used in electrical connections. Contact resistance, conductivity, mechanical strength, formability, and resilience are significant properties for conductor materials. For a precise fit, insulators must have high electrical resistance, tolerate high temperatures, and be simple to produce.


Copper alloys are commonly used as connection electrodes because of their high conductivity and malleability, 15 Brass, phosphor bronze, and beryllium copper are some of the alternatives. Another inert metal, such as gold, nickel, or tin, is frequently deposited on the base electrode metal.

Passivating oxide layers and surface adsorbates, which restrict metal-to-metal contact patches and contribute to contact resistance, can be reduced by using a coating material with excellent conductivity, mechanical robustness, and corrosion resistance.

Copper alloys, for example, offer good mechanical characteristics for electrodes but are difficult to solder and corrode. Copper pins are frequently plated with gold to avoid these problems, especially for analog signals and high-reliability applications.

Because of its insulating qualities, contact carriers that keep the pieces of a connection together are generally constructed of plastic. Backshells and housings can be made of molded plastic or metal.

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