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Cooking tools are a different from mechanical tools. They need to be take care of. The more you take care of your cooking tools, the longer they last and continue to do their job properly. Many sets of kitchen utensils and dishes that we use do not require any special form of care, but some of them need to be cleaned and processing, as well as special instructions.

Most of the tools should be cleaned with a combination of water and soap. If utensils or tools which are made of stainless steel, it is recommended to use non-metallic abrasive padding. The reason for not using the metal scrubs is that stainless steel can be easily scratched, leading to the formation of small grooves. These grooves act as a breeding ground for bacterial growth.

Cleaning wooden kitchen appliances such as a ladles or cutting boards is also important. These resources may not be immersed in water, so they can absorb water and grow cracks. They can be cleaned using a dry sponge.

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