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Smashing a mirror is one of the worst things you can do, according to the superstitious. It’s believed to bring seven years of bad luck, which is a long time for such a curse; think how many buses you’d miss!

So we decided to investigate the origins of superstition and how much truth there is in it…

The Romans developed the glass mirror, who, like the Greeks, Chinese, Africans, and Indians, believed that a mirror could steal a piece of one’s soul away. As a result, if their reflection in a mirror got distorted, their soul became corrupted. The issue became considerably worse if the picture was distorted owing to the mirror itself being damaged! The soul of the individual would become stuck in the world depicted by the mirror. So, a shattered mirror led to a broken soul, which led to broken health and happiness…makes sense, right?

Because mirrors ultimately shatter, various rituals may be performed to break the curse of bad luck. Because the shards of a broken mirror still reflect a person and their unclean spirit, you could grind them all to dust…no reflection, no issue! Another option is to bury all of the fragments under a tree during a full moon or do what the Africans did and wash away the ill-luck by throwing the shattered mirror into a southerly running stream. All you have to do now is choose the most convenient choice for you!

However, joking aside and superstitions aside, smashing a mirror is a dangerous thing to do. They frequently break into hundreds of small fragments, and if you don’t collect them all, the next person walking by barefoot will receive a shock and a severe cut. It’s critical to ensure that wall mirrors are securely fastened; you should ensure that the wall and plaster can comfortably support the mirror’s weight and that if it’s in a location where it’ll be knocked frequently, it won’t be easily torn off the wall.

A flat surface large enough to hold the entire base is required for free-standing mirrors. If minor children are likely to reach for it or pick it up, consider securing it with tack or an adhesive sticker.

If the worst happens, there are a few things you should do. First, tape up any remaining mirror in the frame to prevent even more shards from falling to the floor. Before picking up the larger bits, make sure you have something on your feet and hands and a cardboard box to store them in. Once the bigger pieces have been removed, use a brush to remove the removes large, and then vacuum the entire area to be sure. Keep an eye out for shards and tell everyone in the home not to walk barefoot for a few days until you’re sure it’s all gone.

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