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bed cradle is a structure placed at the foot of the bed to keep sheets and blankets away from the legs and feet. This aids air circulation, sensitive skin, and skin dryness, especially if the patient is in bed for lengthy periods.

How Should I Take Care Of My Bed Cradle?

• The Bed Cradle can be washed using soap and water and then properly dried. Use cleaning pads or abrasive powders sparingly.

• Do not clean the bed cradle with solvents such as acetone, lacquer thinner, or turpentine.


What Is a Bed Cradle and How Do I Use It?

• At the foot end of the bed, slide the base of the bed cradle between the bed foundation and the mattress to the appropriate position (no part of the cradle should touch any part of the patient).

• If the bed cradle is adjustable, adjust the height on both sides as needed and fasten all screws/bolts. If the buttons are spring-loaded, make sure they’re fully popped out of the adjustment holes.

• Arrange the top blankets on the bed, ensuring that the shoulders are adequately covered. Drag the bottom end of the cover over the cradle, ensuring it doesn’t come into touch with any of the afflicted body parts.

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