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Let me begin by emphasizing that success is not common; rather, it is unusual and, in some cases, crazy. Ordinary people who work hard rarely achieve success.

Ordinary people work really hard in order to make ends meet. Ordinary people take out high-interest loans they can’t afford in order to obtain degrees they will almost certainly never use. Normal people purchase cookie-cutter cars and live in cookie-cutter houses in order to be enslaved by the perceptions of people they don’t like.

Mature is sanity in a culture obsessed with conformity. Unfortunately, most are satisfied to maintain the status quo – go to school, acquire a decent career, marry, buy a house, and have children.

When you consider Steve Jobs’ quote, you understand that being crazy isn’t only about thinking outside the box; it’s also about constructing the box that normal people will think inside.


Crazy people like Steve Jobs don’t simply question the status quo; they create new ones for others to question or think about. Coming up with something fresh isn’t always innovative. Most of the time, it’s as “crazy” and mind-boggling as improving on something that already exists. Crazy people, such as kids, use the force of their imagination to drive themselves to achievement.

When crazy people set objectives for themselves, they don’t give a damn about the “what if” scenario of failure. There is no plan “B” for them because plan “A” will always succeed. Normal people are petrified by fear of failure, but the crazy get on their horses and ride anyhow. Failure is a meaningless term to them. The capacity to seem to ignore the dread of failure is one of the reasons why the insane are more likely to succeed.

The average person can’t wait to do nothing. They can’t wait to get off work, go home, and do nothing except sit in front of the TV. They constantly whine about how little energy they have and how much more time they wish they had. Crazy people, on the other hand, have unlimited time, enthusiasm, and energy. They devote their lives to a certain craft and strive relentlessly to improve their abilities. They have a distinct advantage in terms of success because of their intense attention and energy.

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