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A crescent is a symbol or emblem used to indicate the phase of the moon in the first quarter (“crescent moon”), or, more generally, a symbol representing the moon itself.

It is used as an astrological symbol for the moon and, therefore, as an alchemical symbol for silver. It was also the emblem of Diana/Artemis and, therefore, symbolizing virginity. In the Roman Catholic worship of Mary, it is associated with the Virgin Mary.

Since its use as a roof finale in Ottoman mosques, it has also been associated with Islam, and the crescent moon was introduced as a priest badge by Muslim chaplains in the U.S. armed forces in 1993.


The crescent symbol is mainly used to designate the moon, not necessarily in a specific lunar phase. When used to indicate the waxing or waning phases of the moon, “crescent” or “increase” refers to the increase of the first quarter, while the symbol representing the decreasing quarter of the end is called the “decree.”

The crescent symbol has long been used as a symbol of the moon in astrology, and also as an extension of Silver (as the corresponding metal) in alchemy. The astrological use of the symbol is attested in early Greek newspapers containing horoscopes. In the Bianchini massif in the 2nd century AD, the moon is represented by a crescent moon attached to her headdress.

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