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Cricket bats are the key tool used in cricket other than the ball. Bats are described as paddle shaped, flat on one side but V-shaped on the opposite side. It is said to improve the airflow around bats, making them faster and more powerful. The material of bats is made from willow wood, it is the wood of choice for bats because it is resistant, light and impact resistant. Bats are also treated with linseed oil, which is used to provide additional protection and also creates more friction on the ball, which gives hitters more control while playing cricket.

Before the 18th century, cricket bats had the same shape as today’s hockey sticks. This suggests that the first sets of crickets were played using crooks of shepherds as bats. Although there is not much evidence on the very beginnings of cricket, there is still a bat since 1729 and this is representative of the early form of the cricket bat.

When purchasing new cricket bats, it is imperative to ensure that the bat is well prepared for the cricket match to last a long time. Before a new cricket bat is used, it must be hit. The process of hitting a bat is done by hitting the bat with a cricket ball repeatedly and using a special cricket mallet. Hitting in a cricket bat will compact the fibers of the willow wood, making it more resistant, so when first used, it will not break. The hitting process can take 3 to 6 hours and often involves hitting the bat 8,000 to 9,000 times. Pre-hit bats are available on the market at a slightly higher price, but this saves the player from having to hit the bat, which gives assurance during play that the bat will withstand the current task.

Cricket Law 6 stipulates that cricket bats must have a maximum length of 97 centimeters and a maximum width of 10.8 centimeters. It is important to note that the hand holding the bat is considered to be part of the bat, so the hand strikes the ball as it counts as a stroke. The rule also states that bats cannot be made of any material other than wood.

When selecting the type of cricket bats you want to use, you need to carefully consider the type of player you are, whether it is a big hitter or someone who likes to pick and choose their strokes while batting.

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