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Crickets is an insect with large back legs that are used to jump like grasshoppers and are associated with Katydids. Crickets has long antennas, which sometimes can be longer than their bodies. Most people think that crickets are black, but various species come in different colors.


There are more than 900 individual of species crickets around the world. Some of the most common are field cricket, camel cricket, and house cricket. None of these crickets live longer than a year, and some survive in a much smaller range. Field crickets dies every year in winter, while a house crickets can live up to one year in a house where it gets warmer until it grows old.

Time Frame


Crickets can survive from generation to generation if the adults die in cold weather because they put their eggs in places where they can survive in winter. For example, field crickets place their eggs in the soil. The eggs hatch the next year, but not until the end of spring or early summer. Nymphs will gradually turn to adults, taking 90 days. Adult crickets mate and deposit their eggs in the ground before the cold takes their life.


One species of crickets, that the cold or rapid old age does not kill, is the mole crickets. These crickets spend the winter deep in the soil. In fact, they spend most of their lives underground. Young nymphs turn into adults in the spring, when they are approaching the mating season. But adults finally die as soon as they have mated, and females lay eggs. Mole Crickets can live up to two years from egg to adult.

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