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Originally, the term cupboard referred to an open-shelved side table used to show dishware, notably plates, cups, and saucers. These open cupboards generally included one to three display tiers, as well as a drawer or several drawers at the time. The term “cupboard” eventually evolved to refer to furniture used to hold dishware or foodstuffs in a home.

An airing cupboard (or hot press) is a built-in storage space, often with walk-in proportions, that houses a water heater, either an immersion heater for hot running water or a boiler for central heating water (thus the name “boiler cupboard”). Shelves, which are generally slatted to allow for heat circulation, are placed above or around the heater to accommodate clothing. The goal is to enable air to circulate around the stored textiles in order to prevent moisture.

Some types of airing cupboards also function as linen cupboards, keeping clean sheets and towels for the home.


Another option is to use the airing cupboard as a temporary drying place for laundry or wet outdoor clothing and shoes. Its shelves may be used to completely eliminate signs of dampness from dry clothing before storing it in drawers or wardrobes. A drying cupboard is an electrically movable variation of this.

A built-in cupboard is a storage area that is neither free-standing or movable and is integrated into the room’s design. It’s not the same as a cabinet, for example. In the United Kingdom, a built-in closet beneath the staircase is common.

A linen cupboard is an enclosed recess in a room used to store household linen (e.g., sheets, towels, tablecloths) and other items for storage, generally with shelves or as a free-standing piece of furniture.

Most offices offer a secure storage area for valuables. The supply of stationery is generally at the center of this.

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