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D, is the letter that retained fourth place in the alphabet from the earliest point at which it appears in history. This corresponds to the Semitic delta and the Greek delta (D). It is assumed that this form comes from an early pictogram, probably Egyptian, with the image of a folding tent door. The rounded form D occurs in the Chalcidian alphabet, from which the Latin alphabet may have acquired it through the Etruscans. The letter has kept its round shape, which was in the Latin alphabet, to this present day.


In the Latin forms of the 5th and 6th centuries, the regular rounded capital line was well above the level of its transition with a stroke. From these forms and the inhuman resurrection of Carolingian and our own minuscule d.

The sound, consistently represented by the letter in Semitic, Greek, Latin and modern European languages, is an expression of a dental stop.

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