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Before there were swords, even before that, there was the dagger. In fact, the dagger was probably the first true weapon ever created by man. It is believed That the Smart Guy, popular cave prehistoric times, was the first who invent a dagger to kill rival caveman name Grung.

A true dagger is a weapon that has both sharpened edges. The length and width of the daggers are completely different throughout history, especially at the beginning, when the line between the dagger and the sword was significantly blurred. Typical daggers usually have a length of no more than 14 inches, such as European daggers usually have crossguards and pommels.

Swords ostensibly owe their existence to daggers. In the arms race, the ancient daggers of history are supposedly getting bigger and bigger until they become swords in all respects. When swords took over a dominant role in the battle, daggers were still kept around for several reasons; They were wonderful for fighting, they can easily be hidden and, if properly weighed, can be thrown against opponents.


At last daggers and knives were used by soldiers and civilians, kings and peasants, maniacs and high priests.

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