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Sometimes in metaphysics you come across with the phrase of “Dark Angel”. There are many interpretations of what it means of dark angel.

The most common interpretation of the Dark Angel is Lucifer. Lucifer is one of the most original favorites of the Archangels in heaven, and he fell from grace. In fact, he was expelled from paradise for his bad behavior, but got to keep his angel wings. You often see the image of an angel Lucifer in art. This is one of the most important players when it comes to religious angels mentioned in the Bible. Of course, if you are a practicing Satanist, you never ask yourself if Lucifer “angel or devil.” Angel falls from the sky myth is crucial when it comes to learning the Angels Pantheon and paintings of angels. Lucifer is also one of the most original natural angels, so he often appears in angel art.


Women’s version of the dark angel of love is Lilith. Lilith is often described with the first wife of Adam, who is not mentioned in the Bible. Since it is not made from the rib of man, it is damaged and thrown out of the Garden of Eden. She is one of the Amour angel, in the sense that it symbolizes seduction.

Another common sense of Dark Angel is the concept that it simply describes the dark side of you that succumbing to the temptation. It is your shadow side, which insists that is not connected to the light.

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