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Darts, often known as dart-throwing, is a competitive activity in which two or more players throw tiny sharp-pointed missiles called darts at a circular target called a dartboard with their hands. Darts players are referred to as “dartists” on occasions.

Points are scored by hitting particular defined parts of the board; however, unlike in sports like archery, these locations are scattered all around the board and do not follow a concept of increasing points as you go closer to the center. Though there are various comparable games with different boards and regulations, the term “darts” is now used to refer to a standardised game with a defined board design and set of rules.

Darts is a classic pub game as well as a professional shooting sport. Darts is a popular sport in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland and in other parts of the world.

The original game’s target was most likely a piece of a tree trunk, whose round form and concentric rings gave rise to the modern dartboard design. The word “butt” derives from the French word but, which means “target” or “goal,” and refers to a dartboard.

Although this is contested, the conventional numbered point system is credited to Lancashire carpenter Brian Gamlin, who created it in 1896 to punish inaccuracy. Many different arrangements have been utilized, depending on the period and place. For example, Yorkshire and Manchester Log End boards vary from regular boards in that they contain no triple and just double and bullseye. With a playing surface of barely 25 cm (9.8 in) wide with double and bull regions of only 4 mm, the Manchester board is smaller than the norm (0.16 in). Another version is the London Fives board, which has just 12 equal segments and doubles and trebles that are a quarter of an inch (6.35 mm) broad.


There are 19!, or 121,645,100,408,832,000 potential dartboards, if the rotational symmetry is removed by placing the “20” at the top. Many layouts might penalize a player more severely than the existing one; nonetheless, the current one performs the job rather well. Several mathematical articles have been written that look at the “ideal” dartboard.

Prior to World War I, pub dartboards in the United Kingdom were composed of solid pieces of wood, generally elm. On the other hand, Darts pocked the surface of elm, causing a hole to form around the triple twenty. The second issue was that elm wood needed to be soaked regularly to keep it supple.

In 1935, scientist Ted Leggatt and pub owner Frank Dabbs began making dartboards out of the century plant, a species of agave. Small bundles of the same length sisal fibres were wrapped together. The bundles were then crushed and bonded with a metal ring into a disk. This new dartboard was a huge hit right away. It was more long-lasting and required less upkeep. Furthermore, darts caused little or no harm to the board; when they penetrated, they simply separated the packed fibres.

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