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Relic Entertainment’s Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game based on Games Workshop’s tabletop wargame Warhammer 40,000. THQ published it in North America on September 20, 2004, and in Europe on September 24, 2004. Winter Assault was published in 2005, Dark Crusade was released in 2006, and Soulstorm was released in 2008. Dawn of War II, the first sequel, was published in February 2009. Dawn of War III, the third installment, was published in April 2017.

As of January 2013, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War has sold more than 7 million copies worldwide.

The game’s initial focus is on capturing and retaining important battlefield areas. Infantry squads conquer these control points, which give resources for the construction of new troops and structures and the unlocking of specific units in an army’s tech tree. Battles are won by either retaining a specific number of control points for an extended time or destroying all of the other forces’ headquarters structures. To personalize matches, you may pick from a variety of specific circumstances.


The game takes place in the Warhammer 40,000 world, a dystopian vision of the far future in which mankind has created The Imperium of Man, a galaxy-spanning empire. The Imperium, desperate to save the human race from extinction, is at war with alien species such as the Orks and Eldar, as well as insurgencies from renegade worlds and human servants of Chaos. They use demonic forces and sorcery under either of the Chaos Gods they serve, having betrayed their once godlike Emperor of Man.

The single-player campaign takes place on the planet Tartarus, an Imperial colony besieged by Ork invaders, with the player taking on the role of Captain Gabriel Angelos of the Space Marines’ Blood Ravens 3rd Company, who arrive to aid the planet’s Imperial Guard, led by Colonel Carus Brom of the 37th Tartarus Planetary Defense Force Regiment, in Tartarus’ defense. The events of Dawn of War II – Retribution are also put in motion by the events of this campaign.

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