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Daylight corresponds to all forms of light coming from the Sun, direct and indirect (direct lighting, diffuse radiation from the sky). On the other hand, the sunlight diffused or reflected by the objects of space is not considered “daylight.” Thus, the reflection of light on the moon is not direct light.

Daylight is present as soon as the Sun rises above the horizon. However, outdoor lighting can range from 120,000 lux in direct sunlight to less than 1 lux in exceptional cases such as solar eclipses or the presence of dust or volcanic ash in the atmosphere.


Daylighting does not just refer to the practice of placing openings, windows and reflective surfaces to facilitate effective indoor lighting throughout the day. The concept of recognizing natural light through targeting and distribution of light rays in space to achieve uniform illumination to prevent glare and reflection, as well as energy savings and costs associated with high energy bills.

Daylight is very bright and works well regarding the amount of light needed in an architectural environment. For this reason, small holes in the walls and roofs adequately meet daylighting goals.

This method works perfectly as a task-ambient lighting design, where daylight is used to maintain the low ambient light level in all places, and task lights (including table lamps) is used to offer higher light levels to areas that require more light or during specific timings.

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