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The Ethereum Blockchain powers Decentraland, a virtual reality platform. Content and apps may be created, experienced, and monetized by users.

In Decentraland, the community owns property in perpetuity, giving them complete authority over their works. In a block-based bundle of packages, users claim ownership of virtual land. Landowners have control over what is published in their land share, which is defined by a set of Cartesian coordinates (x, y). Static 3D sceneries to interactive systems like games may all be used as content.

Decentraland started as a proof-of-concept for awarding digital real estate ownership to blockchain users. This digital asset was first implemented as a pixel in an endless 2D grid, with information identifying the owner and describing the colour of each pixel. “Stone Age of the Decentralized” was the name of the experiment.

The team completed the Bronze Age, a 3D virtual environment separated into plots, by the end of 2016. Using a modified bitcoin blockchain, the owner of each package may link it to a hash reference to a file. Users exploring the virtual world can download the file holding the contents of the package, which describes the models and textures to show at that place, using a Distributed Hash Table (DHT) and BitTorrent.

The Iron Age, the next iteration of Decentraland, will build a social experience based on existing levels of land ownership and content distribution. Developers in the Iron Age may utilise Decentraland to create apps, distribute them, and monetize them for other users.


Peer-to-peer networking, a scripting engine for interactive content, and a mechanism for quicker cryptocurrency payments for global transactions will all be implemented in The Iron Age. A communication layer is necessary for social interactions since it provides positions, postures, voice chat, and other features. Decentraland does this using a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. Landowners utilise the scripting system to specify the behaviour and interactions of 3D objects, sound, and apps on their plots. After all, in the fast-paced atmosphere of the virtual world, a low-cost payment system is critical to the development of an economy.


Decentraland, a scripting language, enabling the creation of apps, games, gambling, and dynamic 3D sceneries. This programming language is used to create objects, load textures, handle physics, code user interactions, audio, payments, and external calls, among other things.

Content Maintenance

Users in Decentraland congregate in areas of mutual interest. If you’re near a high-traffic area, people become the owner’s content.


Brands may promote their products, services, and events by placing advertisements near or in high-traffic land fleets. Some areas may become virtual replicas of New York City’s Times Square. Furthermore, companies may position items and create shared experiences in order to engage with their target audiences.

Digital Collectibles

We expect people to use the blockchain to publish, share, and accumulate uncommon digital assets produced by their creators. These digital assets are exchanged using the scripting system within that environment, which is supported by the aforementioned naming system, as is the case today in other virtual worlds or online forums.


Communities that are now gathered in online forums, chat rooms, or other centralised multiplayer games might migrate to Decentraland. Offline communities could find a home in Decentraland as well.

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