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The delete key is the key on most computer keyboards that usually used to delete (in text mode) the character in front of or under the cursor, or (in the GUI mode) of the currently selected object. The key is sometimes called the “forward” key. It is because the back key also deletes characters, but to the left of the cursor. On many keyboards, such as most Apple keyboards, the return key is also marked as “delete”.

The key appears on English-language IBM-compatible PC keyboards labelled Delete or Del, sometimes with a crossed right arrow character. However, sometimes a key labelled Delete performs a Backspace function, for example, on some Apple keyboards.

In other cases, the Delete key is in the IBM laptop’s starting position above and to the right of the Backspace key. Many laptops add lines of smaller keys above the line of function keys to add custom size keys. Keyboard. In this row of smaller keys, the Delete key position is positioned on or near the right end. On a Macbook, the direct delete function can be implemented using the Fn+← Backspace key combination.


The Delete key, as a rule, is smaller and less conveniently located than the Backspace key. On keyboards where space is limited, for example, on keyboards that do not have a numeric keypad or virtual keyboards, it is often not indicated at all.

On some compact keyboards (such as the 60-key Happy Hacking Keyboard), the Delete key replaces the regular Backspace key, and the Backspace function is achieved by holding down the Fn key and pressing Delete.

When you press a computer keyboard while editing text or a command, the delete key (Delete or Del), less ambiguously known as direct deletion, discards the character in front of the cursor position. It moves all subsequent characters one place “backwards in the direction of the free space of letters. The key is also used by many GUI applications to request the deletion of the currently selected object, for example, a file in a file browser or a block of text in a word processor.

The delete key often works as a general command to delete a selected object. For example, an image embedded in a document (on Apple keyboards, the direct delete keys and the delete (return) key has the same effect when pressed when the object is selected).

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