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Desert is a landscape region that receives very little rainfall. For a piece of land to be classified as deserts, they should receive at least 250 mm of precipitation a year. Because of such a low level of precipitation, deserts are known to support very small forms of life. With that said, however, a closer look of deserts still have a wide variety of life. These desert creatures usually remain hidden, especially in daylight, to preserve moisture.

About a one-third of the land surface in the world is a desert. More often deserts in the whole world, have similar characteristics. Sand dunes are often present in deserts, as desert soils consist mainly of sand. The rocky terrain will be exposed in certain areas, which will reveal the rarity of vegetation and soil development. Forces driven in the wind are important factors what shapes the desert landscapes.


Often, deserts contain valuable mineral deposits. These are often areas that were formed under waterless conditions or were at exposed of erosion. The desert is also an ideal place to protect human artifacts and fossils due to the dry climate.

Most of the largest deserts in the world are the trade wind desert, which means that: dry winds dissipate the cloud cover, which in turn allows more sunlight to heat the Earth. The second largest desert in the world, the Sahara of North Africa, where the temperature is up to 56°C, in the trade winds desert.

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