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The primary protagonist of the Dexter’s Laboratory television series is Dee Dee. She is Dexter’s older sister and is often shown causing different types of damage to or wrecking Dexter’s lab. Dee Dee’s everyday activities mostly center on her bond with her brother and all that transpires between the two.

Dee Dee was born somewhere between June 22 and July 23 before her brother. When a young Dee Dee had her first idea, according to seasons 3 and 4, she invented the fictitious character Peepers. Peepers then started to develop Koosland, the realm that would house all of Dee Dee’s fictitious inventions. Unknown to Dee Dee at the time, the mythical dragon Koosalagoopagoop, whom she nicknamed Koosy, would finally appear in front of her.

She is two to three times taller than Dexter and has odd body proportions, like a ballerina’s gangly limbs and a little torso with a big head. She also wears pink ballerina heels, which typically make a “squishy” noise when walking, white stockings, and a little tutu in a rose/brink pink hue to complete the ballet appearance. She resembles her father in terms of attitude and hair color.


She dresses in a pink nightgown for bed and wears her hair down. She sports a pink one-piece swimsuit and a pink swimming hat with the letter “D” on the front when swimming. She has blue eyes, long, blonde hair in pigtails, and light complexion.

While Dee Dee lacks Dexter’s aptitude for technology and science, she has demonstrated a vivid imagination that allows her to go to the fictional country of Koosland and engage in interactions with animals there, such the Koosalagoopagoop.

Allison Moore provided the character’s original voice before Kathryn Cressida took over after the first season. Cressida reclaimed the part for the show’s fourth season after Moore reprised it in the third. Dee Dee was portrayed by Tara Strong, who also did Bubbles’ voice from The Powerpuff Girls, in the MAD episode Once Upon a Toon.

She is also designated as Koosland’s creator in seasons 3 and 4. Dee Dee has also demonstrated the uncommon capacity to converse with some animals and sense the future, as described in “Chubby Cheese.”

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