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The word pendant comes from the Latin word pendere and the old French word pendr, which translate as “hang down”. It comes in the form of loose-hanging jewelry, usually attached with a small loop to the necklace, which can be called a “pendant necklace”. A pendant is an earring with a piece hanging down. In modern French, a pendant is the gerund form of pendre (“hang”) and also means “in time”. The extent to which the design of the pendant can be included in the overall necklace does not always allow us to consider them as separate objects.

Pendants are one of the oldest recorded types of bodily adornment: used stone, shell, pottery and other perishable materials. Ancient Egyptians usually wore pendants, some of which were in the form of hieroglyphs.

Over the centuries, pendants come in many forms to serve a variety of purposes.


Although amulets come in many forms, the most common is a wearable amulet on the neck, on the arm or leg in a pendant’s shape. These are objects that are believed to possess magical or spiritual power to protect the wearer from danger or dispel evil influences.


As an amulet, a talisman is an object that is believed to possess supernatural features. However, although the charm is a strictly protective object, the talisman is designed to give the owner unique advantages or powers.


A locket is a small object that opens, opening a space where you can hold a little thing, usually a photograph or a curl of hair. They typically come in the form of pendants hanging on a necklace, although sometimes they can be hung on a bracelet.


The medallion is most often a piece of metal in the shape of a coin that is worn around the neck or attached to clothes. They are usually provided as rewards, confessions, or religious blessings.

Functional Pendants

A pendant with a traveller’s sundial (a portable form of astronomical rings) used to distinguish time from the sun.

Tools used as pendants include Maori pounamu pendants. Shepherd’s whistles, Bosun’s whistles and ocarinas can also be made in the form of pendants. Portable astronomical and navigation instruments were made in the form of pendants.

In the first decade of the 21st century, jewelers began to include USB drives into pendants.

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