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Discipline means obeying the rules and regulations of human conduct. A life without discipline is like a ship without a rudder. Discipline is life-long, it does not mean a negation of individual liberty or a life in the cabin and enclosed in an iron case. William Slim says: “Only discipline allows man to live in community while preserving individual liberty”. No body can thrive without its life.

We find the discipline in:

If we take a closer look around us, we will be able to realize that all things respect the rules of nature’s rollers. There are many examples around us. Here are some examples where, we can take discipline lessons from-


Discipline is the first low of nature. Nature is not chaos but a cosmos. If there had been no order in nature, the world would have been destroyed in the blink of an eye. All the planets of the solar system move in their respective orbits in a disciplined manner and never collide with each other


Military Life

Discipline must be respected in military life. Here, discipline is a matter of life and death. Soldiers must follow the command of the leader without question, without excuse, without hesitation. It is because here, a moment of hesitation can mean defeat and death. There is a saying “Do or die”


Discipline is also seen in the life of lower animals. The life of bees is a revealing example of discipline. All bees obey the queen bee. Ants are also disciplined. They lead their lives in a disciplined manner. If an ant finds a drop of water, it shares that drop of water with another ant. All other animals also follow a disciplined life.

Value of the Discipline

In everyday life a great value of discipline in our life. Man is a social being. He cannot do what he wants. He must respect the rules of society. Where there is no discipline, there is no rule of law and where there is rule of law, there is only chaos and confusion everywhere. That “Might is right” becomes the meeting of the day. A disciplined and well-regulated man can enjoy all the benefits of a happy life and leave behind footprints of glorious deeds on the sand of time. M.K. Gandhi says that “discipline maintains the system, the system maintains development and development makes human life vibrate”.

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